The Opening of the Carlton

The Opening of the Carlton

The Carlton Hotel is a flagship of architecture with its listed Art Deco facade dating from 1926.

As it used to be done at the time, the architect, Joseph Abita entered the year of Construction in the medallion of the facade.

L’ouverture du Carlton

A rare photo taken from inside the hotel, which reflects the whole atmosphere of the time.

L’ouverture du Carlton

In the little press clipping that appeared in the Algiers Echo of August 18, 1926, you can read the Carlton Tunis birth certificate. Still under construction, it is … for rent before even opening!

In 1926, its launch was announced in the “Tourist Gazette“. You can take the time to read the details of the exceptional comfort that the Carlton hotel offered for its time.

In the business card, we note that Avenue Habib Bourguiba’s called Avenue Jules Ferry.

L’ouverture du Carlton

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