Since 1926

- 1926 - The fondation of Carlton

Marcel Jomeau had the Carlton Hotel built in 1926, on Avenue Jules Ferry, the main avenue in Tunis. He wanted to sell it and put this ad in the Algiers Gazette. During the French protectorate in Tunisia, the nearest French city was… Algiers, where the administrative affairs of Tunisia were centralized and handled, in particular the purchases and sales of real estate. Tunisian legal disputes have been tried in the Algiers court.

Jomeau will not sell the Carlton. His trace can be found in 1940 when he was convicted by the Algiers court, he had made the Carlton one of the most chic places in Tunis and … the hub of drug trafficking!!

1940 : Marcel Jomeau, owner of the Carlton convicted of drug trafficking.

Depuis 1926

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