Bab Bhar
Bab El Bhar is one of the gates of the Medina of Tunis, located east of the former city wall. It marks the separation between the European town and the medina, in communication with the dockyard and landing of the Lake of Tunis. A persistent legend , due to its name wich means " Gate of the Sea ," says that the sea was coming at its feet , which was never the case . The name simply means that it opens " towards the sea".

The original gate was built during the reign of the Aghlabids in the 9th century. In 1860, with the destruction of the ramparts now deemed unnecessary , it was dismantled and rebuilt in the axis of the future Marine Avenue (now Avenue Bourguiba) , at the request of the Consul of France Léon Roches , who had obtained from the Bey in 1857 the approval to construct the consulate outside the walls.