Cathedral of Tunis

The Cathedral, Romanesque Revival style, like all buildings of that time (Romanesque, Gothic and Byzantine),is 75 m. in length, 32 m. wide at the transept and 11m. wide at the nave. above are blind arcade and a mosaic of Christ Pantocrator. Dominating this arcade lurks the representation of the Eternal Father from the chisel of the sculptor Figlia. Two massive towers crowned with cupolas shaped tiara and surmounted by the archbishop's cross, overlook the avenue.
The foundation consists of a truly impressive mass of 2,133 beams from a eucalyptus forest. they reached the rock to an average of 15 m. depth, but in some places they go down to 23 m. The building material is marble from Djebel Oust, an ancient Roman quarry that the architect put in operation.