Guerra Ben Said (left in photo) was born in Zarzis in february, a season known as “Guerrat El Anz” in traditional agriculture, which earned him his surname: Guerra.

He was hired in 1958 by Messaoud Ben Smail, who had just bought the hotel from Ms. Therese Barre. He trained on the job (valet) with “Mr. Gerard” manager at the time.

Carlton then became his adopted family, he married in 1960 to Aicha, who worked in the Ben Smail family since 1954, at Bone in Algeria.

His working day began at 4 am, winter and summer, at the Panalex bakery (right next the cathedral) to get the croissants and bread, he then prepared coffee and breakfast served in the room. Butter and jam having been prepared by him the day before, at the end of his service (6pm) and kept in the fridge.

At 8 am he went upstairs (4th floor) to prepare the rooms.
At noon lunch with the team (5 people) and then a nap seated on a chair

Suzy Vernon au Carlton


At 3pm return to work (stairs corridors …) then the preparation of butter and jam for the next day. Then set up clean sheets and towels in the wardrobe with the help of Angèle (right in photo).

Then set up clean sheets and towels in the wardrobe with the help of Angèle (right in photo).
All linen was washed by hand at first, then came the first washing machines (Dubix) in 1970.
Guerra was an icon at the Carlton, an exemplary man. Customers appreciated him, and it was not uncommon that they demand a room prepared by him. He made up his language handicap (he spoke only Arabic) by his smile and impeccable service.

Following the extension of the hotel, Guerra, approaching retirement, stayed at the Carlton. Messaoud Ben Smail had left a clear instruction about him: Maintain Guerra at the hotel as he wished, and reserve a chair for him at the entrance after his retirement. This was done.
Guerra died in 2002 at the age of 73. He was still “at the Carlton.” His daughter works there today. We thank her for this photo.


Suzy Vernon au Carlton

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